1. Established in 1995 at Ambattur Industrial Estate,Chennai -600 098
2. In 2006, Plant has been shifted to Vichoor Industrial Estate,Manali New Town, Chennai - 600 103
3. The Company had been incorporated as a private Limited company and registered under Companies Act in the name of MIRRA AND MIRRA Industries Private Limited ( MMIPL) in February 2015.
4. The Company has been acquired by Japanese firms namely Toyota Tsusho Corporation group and Suzutoyo Seiko Co Ltd with share of 85% and 15 % respectively from September 2015.


Company Name: Mirra & Mirra Industries Private Limited
Representative: Mr. Noboru Hanazaki - Managing Director
Location: Plot No. 117-120 , Sidco Industrial Estate, Vichur, Manali New Town, Chennai - 600103, India
Telephone: + 91-99622-31822 / 99622-31922
Email: mmipl@mirramirra.co.in
Year of Established: 1995
Business: Cold Heading Quality Wire Secondary processing
Capacity: 4500 tons/month
Number of Employees: 133 Employees
Business Stake Holders: Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited and Suzutoyo Seiko Co.Ltd