Towards the establishment of supply chain special steel parts ,
Mirra and Mirra Industries will continue to develop in the Indian market

We are the only independent special steel secondary processing manufacturer in South India.
We are located on north side of Chennai city where material imports and product exports from the Chennai port is convenience
We are processing mainly cold heading quality steel wire (CHQ wire) approx. 4,500 tons per month
This time , in anticipation of the expansion of the Indian car market , we have decided to build a new organization along with Toyota Tsusho and Suzutoyo Seiko .
Not only founded more than 20 years of stable technology , the production system , but also by strengthening the high level of quality, cost, and delivery management , We will continue to install the delivery management system which is possible corresponding customer's production system, and contribute to the localization of the customers.
Towards to the further development of the Indian auto parts industry , we will accurately grasp the needs of our customers and continue to contribute to the customers success.

COMPANYCompany Profile

Company name Mirra and Mirra Industries Private Limited(abbreviation: MMIPL)
Address Plot No. 117-120 , Sidco Industrial Estate, Vichur,Manali New Town, Chennai - 600103, India
Establishment 1994(completion of the acquisition on September 18, 2015)
Representative Mr.Yasuhiro Waki(Toyota Tsusho)(Japanese MD)
Number of employees About 170 people
Business Special steel secondary processing


Company name : Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Address : 9-8, Meieki 4-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya (Century Toyota Building)
Establishment : 1st July,1948
Representative : President Mr Ichiro Kashitani
Number of employees : 3,571 people(Direct)Consolidated 56,827 people
Business : Trading , project investment , various insurance agency business , etc.

Company name : Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited.
Address : Plot No.33 & 34, Bidadi Industrial Area, Ramanagaram Taluk & District,Bangalore Karnataka State, 562 109, India
Establishment : April,1999
Representative :Mr.Yuichi Kanazawa
Number of employees :394 people
Business : Trading

Company name : Suzutoyo Seiko Co., Ltd.
Address : Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Midori Ward Shimizuyama 1-132
Establishment : January,1949
Representative : Tomohiro Suzuki
Number of employees : 193 people
Business : Manufacture and sale of polished bars and cold heading steel wire and cold forging

Mirra and Mirra 社とは?

Background of name Mirra and Mirra

Mirra Alphonso, a great female spiritual leader from France came over to India in early twentieth century and settled down at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry, which is located 150 kms. south of Chennai. At that time Pondicherry belonged to French administration.
Greatly inspired by her preachings, MD Yasuhiro Waki ,the founder & current Managing Director, became her devotees. However she passed away as early as 1974. She is fondly known as 'THE MOTHER '. In kind remembrance of the MOTHER, Mr Shankar had incorporated company name as MIRRA which was her birth name.
Due to certain numerological reasons he had coined the name as Mirra and Mirra industries
The logo is a lotus flower which as per Hindu mythology is the flower of Goddess Mahalakshmi, the benefactor of wealth and prosperity. The centrally inscribed letter 'OM' denotes a very auspicious note that of creation. In Hinduism 'OM' is considered the signature of GOD.


In India material and foreign material ,
Please leave consistently from material procurement to processing up to us.

We will supply special steel secondary processing in India ( pickling , heat treatment , wire drawing , bright bar ) in a high level of quality .
Establishing a special steel parts of the supply chain for the automotive, we will continue to contribute to the localization of the customers.


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